5 Foods That Make You Fat

Many diet and nutrition tips are designed to help you lose weight and if you're thin, you might be stuck on the best way to lose weight. Instead of savoring your body with a plethora of rich, sweet or fat-laden foods, opt for food items that are high in calories to help you gain the energy you need and increase your muscle mass , without the harmful fats which can cause injury.

How to Get Started

The equation for weight gain is fairly easy to understand: consume more calories than you burn. In case you've got a strong metabolism or exercise regularly it is possible that you are putting yourself in a deficit of calories in the event that you do not eat according the needs of your body.

If you're not sure what number of calories you're burning each day, you can use an online calculator for calories to calculate that. After that, you can create a meal program that is higher than that.

The 3,500 calories per pound rule has been employed to establish diets. Based on this rule, it it is believed that cutting down on 500 calories daily is believed to lead to losing a pound of fat or gain per week. It's not known whether the 3500 calories per pound rule is, or how effective it is in establishing a weight-gaining eating plan.

By adding 500 calories per day and every day, ideally by eating high-energy snacks and meals, will provide the extra energy you require to gain weight.

To ensure that the strategy work to achieve your goals, you should eat smaller, regular meals during the course of your day. You can also add toppings (gravies and chopped nuts ranch dressing) to increase calories but not a lot. To get your weight-loss plan off to a good start Here are 5 healthy and calories-rich (but nonetheless healthy) food items to add your menu:


Cereals and bread generally, are excellent source of Complex carbohydrates that include fiber and starches that supply energy to your body. These are the kinds of carbohydrates that are metabolized in a slower manner than simple carbohydrates (like sugar).

Bagels happen to be more high in calories. While a piece of white bread is around 70 calories, a small bagel packs more than 180 calories. Extra-large coffee shop bagels may be a good source of 300 calories.

Serve your bagel with nutseed butter (about 180 calories) and spread of fruit (about 50 calories) and you'll be enjoying an energy-rich and delicious mid-morning snack that's between 420 and 540 calories.

Remember it is one of the nut butters you can try. You can also experiment with other varieties of nut butters such as almond butter and cashew butter. Also, you can experiment with seed butters, such as Tahini as well as sunflower seed butter.


Pasta is yet another high-calorie source of carbohydrates that makes an excellent base for many dishes. Just add the sauce, and you're good to go.

2 cups of cooked spaghetti is nearly 400 calories. Bolognese sauce has at least 160 calories. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons cheddar cheese on top to add another 45 calories and you'll be able to consume at least 600 calories from one dinner.

Dried Fruit

Get a quick calorie increase by eating a handful to two pieces of dried fruits. They're smaller in volume than their fresh counterparts which means you can consume more in one sitting without feeling full.

For instance, a cup of raisins is about 400 calories, compared to a cup of grapes that are fresh with around sixty calories. 4 Raisins are most likely to be the most well-known dried fruit, however, you can also choose dried fruits, apricots, the cranberries, apples, and even tropical fruit.

Healthy Oils

The addition of fats to your meals is a simple way to boost calories, however you need to ensure that you choose the oils and fats which are healthy for your health.

Olive oil is full of nutritious monounsaturated fats that can give flavor and calories to bread, pasta and other foods. Canola oil is a good oil source for omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid, also known as alpha-linolenic acid or) as well as monounsaturated oils making it an excellent all-purpose cooking oil. 5 Walnut and grape seed oils are milder in flavor, and ideal in mixing salad dressings.


Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats. They also contain Vitamin K as well as potassium as well as fiber. A single avocado is over 200 calories therefore it's a great option to boost your calories without degrading the nutrition. 4 Add avocado slices to sandwich or prepare Guacamole and serve it with tortilla chips baked. It is also possible to include guacamole in soft shell tacos and burritos.

It is also possible to consider adding avocado to your favourite drink recipe. The mild flavor blends well with other ingredients, such as berries or chocolate.

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